The Top 2 Reasons Why I Love Skin Brushing!

Posted By on May 1, 2022 | 0 comments

There are so many reasons to love DRY SKIN BRUSHING!  But my TOP 2 REASONS are:


1) I love love love how my skin looks glowing, smooth and beautiful with regular skin brushing. I live in Florida and show more skin during the year, of course, but many who live in different climates benefit, too.   Getting “SUMMER READY” or “BEACH READY” is fun with skin brushing. Just 10 minutes each morning is all it takes.  But even in WINTER, skin brushing is fabulous. We have drier air, heated air, and more covered skin that needs exfoliation to breathe!  Dead cells sometimes need help to go away, and it shows with dry brushing!

2) I love the BOOST OF ENERGY and EXHILARATION that follows Skin Brushing. It helps me get going in the morning and has become a perfect morning routine that takes so little time for such a big benefit!

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Kathy Heshelow and the Sublime Skin Brush