We Love Skin Brushing!

Sublime Beauty® loves Skin Brushing!

Boost from Skin Brushing
“Skin Brushing is so simple to do and makes a big impact on our overall health,” says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty®. “We want everyone to think it is as important as brushing our teeth or hair everyday.”

Skin Brushing, also known as Body Brushing or Dry Skin Brushing, accomplishes many things at once.

First, it is great support to our largest organ of elimination, the skin.  Toxins and dead cells are eliminated through the skin. But as we age, the body is less able to rid itself of those toxins. Dry Skin Brushing removes these toxins and dead cells, and helps the skin function properly without backing up or stressing out other organs. The bonus is that skin looks and feels better and is able to glow again.

Importantly, Skin Brushing boosts our blood circulation!  This is important for our general good health, and certainly as we age, circulation can become an issue (especially in the legs.)

The Lymphatic system is also aided by Skin Brushing.  Why? The lymph system has no natural pump like the heart, and relies on muscle movement or aids like brushing the skin to move those toxins out. Backed up lymph is one source of disease.

Regular Skin Brushing will also help keep cellulite at bay – or help reduce it (along with other strategies). Dry Brushing helps to break down the toxins that have built up in the affected areas.

Skin Brushing will help keep ingrown hairs away, too.

Skin Brushing is  a clear aid in stress management, too.  We feel invigorated, with a great sense of well-being after brushing.

How to Skin Brush?  Here are a few tips:

skin brushing portable brush Heshelow Sublime Beauty

Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty® with the Sublime portable Skin Brush

1) ALWAYS brush on absolutely dry skin.

2) ALWAYS brush towards the heart. This is for proper aid to the circulatory system and lymphatic system.

3) Brush with medium length strokes that are firm but not so hard that it hurts. Brushing should feel good!  If you brush too lightly, it will be ineffectual.  If you have sensitive skin, you may see a little blush after your first brushings.

4) Typically start at your feet and work your way up, brushing everywhere except the face.

5) You can brush your body in about 10 minutes or less, but some people like to take longer – that is OK.

6) Many like to brush in morning BEFORE the shower but in the shower so dead cells can be washed away.  Some like to brush at night before bed. There is no specific recommendation on timing, and some people like to do BOTH day and night!

7) We like to drink a glass of water after Body Brushing.

8) DON’T brush over open sores, or course!

9) DON’T share your brush with others!



We are so excited that Glamour Magazine (June 2014 issue) mentions our skin brush and how beneficial Skin Brushing is!




Brush every day, and you will notice better skin quality and better sense of well-being. In addition, it will become automatic and part of your health regime!


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You can even now continue to brush on your travels!  We offer a small natural bristle brush and travel pouch that slips easily into any luggage or bag!  When we travel, our regular routine is off, we may be in a new climate, eating differently and such… continuing to Skin Brush can help keep your well-being at Travel brush and pouch on whiteoptimal levels!