Circulatory System Aided by Skin Brushing

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Skin Brushing, which is brushing your absolutely dry skin, removes toxins and dead cells from the surface of the skin. This assures that the skin doesn’t clog up with toxins nor put stress on other organs of elimination. It also helps skin quality and body functioning.Human circolatory system

A great health benefit of Skin Brushing is the aid to our circulatory system.  Skin Brushing isn’t only about the surface of the skin!  According to VeinPC®, our blood flows through about 60,000 miles of arteries and veins, supplying oxygen and nutrients to and taking waste products from each of the one hundred trillion cells in the body!  That is incredible!

Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients through the body and is a major contributor to general well-being.  Unfortunately, as we age, circulatory problems can crop up and even younger people can suffer from problems. Pregnancy, for example, can cause circulatory issues.

What are some causes of general circulatory issues?

  • Though not as common as it used to be, smoking is a sure fire reason for this.


  • Years of no exercise can lead to bad circulation. It doesn’t happen overnight but usually creeps up on a person. However, it is never to late to start!


  • Eating too much junk food and being overweight is also a prime reason.  Make changes, even small changes now!  Add fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish to your diet. Cut portion control. Drink lots of fresh clear water. Try fresh smoothies with all natural foods.


  • Work related issues, such as sitting too long at a computer for years can cause these problems. Stretch frequently, breathe deeply, take breaks every hour or 2, take a walk.  Move your body!

Body Brushing Look at CameraBrushing the skin in the direction of the heart (this is the ONLY proper way to skin brush) is a good way to support and boost the circulatory system. Brushing is always done with a natural bristled brush such as the one we chose for our clients. It has a long handle so you can easily reach your back and everywhere!  Brushing should be firm but it should not hurt – it should invigorate!  Don’t brush to lightly that it will be ineffectual, either.  Never brush over open sores.

Most people like to brush their skin in the morning BEFORE the shower but standing in the shower so dead cells can be washed away. Some like to skin brush at night before bed. Anytime is OK, just find a time to work it into your daily routine and stick with it!

Sublime Beauty® would like everyone to think of Skin Brushing as essential and a normal part of their healthcare routine.

This new video explains 3 benefits to skin brushing, including circulatory system boost!